What We're About

What We're About 

Collector is a clothing boutique, featuring a mix of modern and vintage clothing and accessories. We handpick vintage goods just for you:  from rad denim, suede biker jackets to 60's cocktail dresses, we've got it all. We're into curating forever pieces for your closet. 

Not only will you look smart, but buying vintage and second hand clothing is better for the planet than high street alternatives. Buying second hand extends the life of garments, reduces landfill waste and is easier on your wallet in the long run. 

Sustainability + Our Brands 

We are committed to sustainability at Collector. We spend more on recycled kraft tags, tissue paper and bags than using standard materials. And whenever we can, we reuse shipping boxes and packing materials rather than purchasing new. We work with independent artists and small brands.  We believe that investing in special, well made clothing is better for you and the planet. 

Consignment Program 

Ask us about our consignment program! We take vintage and modern lightly used clothing continually throughout the year. Email ereidstudio@gmail.com with a couple snaps of what you have.